NECC 09 has come and gone and after reading many blog posts about it today I realized I better get busy on my own post. I’m going to start out with a quick post of the things that are running through my head at the moment.

1. Goals-I didn’t do a very good job of meeting my goals that I listed in my last post.

2. Next Time…. I had some of these thoughts and Chad Lehman posted a question about this topic on Classroom 2.0. You can go there to see what I’ll do differently next time. And if you attended NECC add your thoughts as well.

3. What I Learned-Well, I’m still feeling a little overwhelmed. I need to sit down and sort through my notes and look through links. This will take a little time. I have notes on Plurk, Google Docs and somewhere on the Mac I was using. I will post information here and on the ning soon.

4. PLN-Meeting and hanging out with people in my PLN, especially the Plurkers, was what meant the most to me at this conference. It was amazing to see people I had never met face to face and to go up and give them a hug. I’m sure the times we spent together talking and having lunch, dinner, or drinks is going to make our online friendships even stronger.

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